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A Special Offer for You and Your 4-Legged Friends


Dogs deserve safe pain relief too, right? That’s why Vireo Systems created CanineActiv. You may have seen the national news release here. The website,, went live last month and product is now shipping.

It’s time to celebrate, and we need some celebrators. That would be you, AminoActiv users who support our efforts to spread the word about the #1 alternative to ibuprofen and NSAIDs. By the way, based on the forums we see on the Internet, some people are actually giving ibuprofen products to their dogs. That’s really harmful. Click here to see why.

So, the first order of business in our CanineActiv celebration is to extend a special offer to AminoActiv users.

From now until February 28th, when you order AminoActiv 60 count capsules or 2.75 oz. jar of topical cream online or by phone, you can add any of the three CanineActiv pain relief products for only $10.

CanineActiv pain relief products are especially helpful in promoting improved mobility in aging dogs.

Do you have a hunting, sporting, or working dog that needs more endurance and help recovering from a full day of outside activities? Try High Performance Breeds for only $15.

How big a deal is this? See below:

CanineActiv Pain Relief                  Regular                     Special Offer
Small/toy breed                                  $26.00                        $10.00
Medium breed                                    $28.00                        $10.00
Large/Giant breed                             $30.00                        $10.00

High Performance Breeds             $35.00                        $15.00

As with AminoActiv, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee with all CanineActiv products.

One more thing, if you would like to see some of the scientific research for CanineActiv, click here.

Let us know if you have questions or need more information.