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AminoActiv’s Healthy Healing Advantage

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With most pain reliever medications, if they don’t work right away, we know that they’re probably never going to work. This is not the case for AminoActiv. This is one of the factors that make AminoActiv a very different—and superior—pain relief option.

AminoActiv is more than a pain reliever. It also actively supports the healing of damaged tissue.

You might ask why a pain reliever need take on any more duties than necessary. The answer is that healing is the means to the end. It’s the key advantage that AminoActiv offers to users who previously resorted to pain relievers such as ibuprofen just to mask pain.

Research shows that AminoActiv effectively fights inflammation (a major cause of pain) and also actively promotes healing by supporting and optimizing the body’s own natural recovery and repair processes.

Over several hours or even over several days of use, AminoActiv continues its support work as a healer, strengthening the body’s cells. This is why some AminoActiv users, even if they don’t see pain relief within 30 minutes, can experience relief over a span of time, long after other drugs lose their potency.

By taking a different route to pain relief, AminoActiv avoids a major pitfall of traditional NSAIDs—their TOXIC SIDE EFFECTS. Traditional NSAIDs (anti-inflammatory drugs) block the “COX enzyme pathway,” thereby halting the release of pain-producing prostaglandins. They typically do this quickly after ingestion, but this process of blocking the biochemically important COX pathway is the culprit that causes many negative and toxic side effects.

AminoActiv users enjoy less pain, better health, and the peace of mind that they are totally avoiding side effects that can lead to much greater problems. AminoActiv offers a healthy, healing advantage over other pain relievers.