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Conventional “wisdom” is not always right

For years we’ve been told to apply ice to injured or sore muscles. In fact “RICE” (which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) has long been a staple of first aid training, especially for athletes.

New science suggests ice may not be the best bet

There is mounting evidence, however, that suggests that ice may not be a good treatment for sore or injured muscles or joints. In fact sports medicine expert Dr. Gabe Mirkin, (who originally coined the “RICE” acronym) now warns that ice may do more harm than good.


Recent scientific findings show:

  • Ice can delay healing.
  • Ice can actually increase swelling, possibly worsening the injury.
  • Ice numbs pain, giving a false sense of recovery which may lead to further injury.
  • When muscles, tendons and ligaments are cold, blood flow decreases. This can cause weakness, along with loss of coordination and flexibility.

So what should you use?

AminoAciv® Topical Cream is an effective alternative to ice therapy. This unique cream safely relieves pain from muscle strain, minor injuries, and arthritis, and actually supports rapid healing and recovery.

Don’t freeze it. TREAT it.