Conventional “wisdom” is not always right

For years we’ve been told to apply ice to injured or sore muscles. In fact “RICE” (which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) has long been a staple of first aid training, especially for athletes.

New science suggests ice may not be the best bet

There is mounting evidence, however, that suggests that ice may not be a good treatment for sore or injured muscles or joints. In fact sports medicine expert Dr. Gabe Mirkin, (who originally coined the “RICE” acronym) now warns that ice may do more harm than good.


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Shopping Tips for the Vireo Store

Special Offer
There are several money-saving possibilities offered at our online store. When purchasing, consider these 6 opportunities:

  1. Volume discounts
  2. Special offers
  3. Shipping charges
  4. Rewards points
  5. Coupons
  6. Economy size options

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Effects of Ibuprofen and NSAIDS on Athletes

A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine concluded that NSAIDs slow down muscle regeneration. A later study in the American Journal of Sports Medicine found evidence that this delay could persist for up to four weeks. Additionally, a study published in Germany revealed that NSAIDs are not even that effective for post-workout soreness and pain. Further, Clinical Sports Medicine, the leading textbook on the discipline, firmly argues against NSAID use for athletes.

Scientific studies have long shown the many detrimental effects of NSAIDs, from acute adverse reactions to long-lasting damage to kidneys, liver and other internal organs. [Read more…]

Get Ready for Summer with the Travel Bundle!


It’s time to go mobile with safe, non-toxic pain relief. Meet the new Travel Bundle, designed to keep you prepared wherever you travel.

The Travel Bundle includes a 6-pack of AminoActiv capsules and a 10-pack of topical cream. Each topical cream pack contains 0.1 oz., and there are 4 capsules per pack in the 10-pack capsule box.


Keep this bundle in your gym bag, handbag, first aid kit, and luggage, and you’ll have the #1 alternative to ibuprofen and NSAIDs at your side for all occasions. [Read more…]

Sunburn Pain Relief with AminoActiv Topical Cream

SunWaterWhen you have sunburn, you have inflammation of the skin. That signature lobster color is the result of the body’s inflammatory response. UV rays from the sun can damage molecules in the skin. This causes a reaction of different proteins and enzymes and leads to dilation of the cutaneous blood vessels and recruitment of inflammatory cells. We experience this process as red skin and pain.

For safe, non-toxic relief of sunburn pain, reach for AminoActiv topical cream.

Apply a light layer of AminoActiv topical cream on the sunburned area. Let it soak in on its own. (No one wants or needs a “sunburn massage!”) Do not apply if the skin is blistered or broken–if this has happened, seek medical attention.

Because AminoActiv is safe and non-toxic, feel free to apply more cream as needed.

Here’s what Baylee from Nashville said about her discovery of AminoActiv as a sunburn pain reliever: [Read more…]

Meet AminoActiv Users, Dipsy & Doodle

Dipsy & Doodle
AminoActiv gained some new fans at a recent Jeanne Robertson show in Tampa. Anne Pratt and Deb Montye are the mother-daughter clown team, Dipsy & Doodle (respectively). We asked freelance writer, Robin Merrill, to talk with them recently about AminoActiv and their clown business.

RM: Tell me about Dipsy & Doodle!

Doodle: Well, we’re family entertainers. We’ve been in the business for 20-something years. Mom has been in theater her whole life, and she went to an on-camera class, where she met a woman who was a clown. And this is just the way Mom is: she said, “If she can be a clown, I can be a clown.” And the rest is history.

Dipsy: She was a hospital clown and we’re not hospital clowns, ’cause we’d probably give the cardiac people some trouble. And the older I get, the less time I want to spend in hospitals.

Doodle: So she nagged me to death to get me to clown class, and then we started our own business. We do clowning and magic. She does lots of stuff. She’ll be 83 in March, and she’s on no medication. She runs circles around me.

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AminoActiv Travel Sizes Ready to Go

A tennis coach told us he puts a topical cream travel pack in each of the first-aid kits he gives to his students. Another AminoActiv user said she wanted her mother to try it, and gave her one of the 4-capsule travel packs. And for some, going anywhere without AminoActiv at their side is out of the question.

Our online store now offers AminoActiv in 5 convenient travel size packages. [Read more…]

Vireo Systems Introduces New Packaging for AminoActiv

AminoActiv is rolling out new packaging. There are several reasons for this development. Foremost, we want to emphasize our commitment to educating people who are looking for an alternative to ibuprofen and NSAIDs. The new packaging design will communicate more buyer information that will help people realize the many benefits of avoiding NSAIDs.


We also wanted to give our customers more flexibility with their shopping options. In response to customer feedback, our topical cream will now come in a 2.75 ounce tube. This will make the product more convenient and more portable. [Read more…]

The Pair that Pain Fears Most

I remember the first time I met
the world’s most obnoxious messenger.
Pain pounded on my door with both fists,
and I realized that I really didn’t like him.
It’s true that sometimes, occasionally,
he has something useful to say. Sometimes,
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A Special Offer for You and Your 4-Legged Friends


Dogs deserve safe pain relief too, right? That’s why Vireo Systems created CanineActiv. You may have seen the national news release here. The website,, went live last month and product is now shipping.

It’s time to celebrate, and we need some celebrators. That would be you, AminoActiv users who support our efforts to spread the word about the #1 alternative to ibuprofen and NSAIDs. By the way, based on the forums we see on the Internet, some people are actually giving ibuprofen products to their dogs. That’s really harmful. Click here to see why. [Read more…]