Customer Rewards Program Expands to Include Reseller Referrals!

We’ve got exciting news! Our Customer Rewards Program is growing!

Many of you have expressed an interest in being able to buy AminoActiv locally. We receive a lot of referrals of local retailers when website visitors cannot find a nearby location on the store locator. It helps when AminoActiv users personally recommend AminoActiv to a prospective retailers. That makes the retailer interested in gathering more information about AminoActiv and talking to our support staff.

So, to thank you for recommending your favorite safe pain reliever to your favorite stores and health care providers, we will soon be sending out coupons to all Customer Rewards Program members that will contain the information shown below. (You can also print out a copy by downloading the pdf file at the end of this article). Enter your own coupon code on the card and give it to your retailer. They can place their wholesale order (which can be as small as six units) and receive an extra 15% discount. [Read more…]

10 Reasons to Become an AminoActiv® Retailer

1  AminoActiv’s reputation as the #1 alternative to ibuprofen & NSAIDs

2  Growing demand for safe, non-toxic pain relief

3  Supported by scientific research

4  Online customers are asking for local retailers

5  National advertising (TV, radio, internet) will lead customers to you

6  Strong profit margins & repeat customer demand

7  Product & marketing support directly from the manufacturer

8  Powerful topical cream and capsule combination unmatched by competitors

9  100% money-back guarantee for any customer not satisfied

10  Testimonials from customers reporting relief for over 10 common pain conditions


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Surefire Health Reform


How are you going to be affected by health reform? Better yet, how can you benefit from the changes underway? This article will show how to get on board with health reform and personally benefit from it.

Health reform refers to the Affordable Care Act and other monumental shifts occurring today in our healthcare system. It includes things like:

  • Sweeping changes in the way we consume healthcare services
  • Rewards for medical professionals who get better results for you
  • Easier access to health insurance coverage
  • Incentives for you to take more personal responsibility for your healthcare

[Read more…]

Meet AminoActiv User Ben Lorenzen — Ironman!

Ben Lorenzen ironman

I use AminoActiv before all my competitions to help with muscle soreness. AminoActiv has also helped me tremendously with my knee injury. My IT bands used to cause a lot of pain when I ran, but once I started taking AminoActiv capsules before and after my races and training, the pain subsided completely. I now use the topical cream as well and haven’t had any problems in months. I love AminoActiv! [Read more…]

10 Things You Might Not Know about AminoActiv Topical Cream


  1. The little crystals you feel are active ingredient crystals that your skin absorbs when you rub them in. They have great dermal penetration properties!
  2.  AminoActiv is a non-aqueous formula and although it might feel a little “greasy,” it rinses off easily with water and does not stain clothing.
  3. AminoActiv doesn’t contain menthol, camphor, or salicylates that only mask pain. The active ingredients in the topical cream actually work to reduce the inflammation that causes pain. They also support rapid healing of the injured area.
  4. [Read more…]

Health, Wealth & Wisdom Radio Show: What’s Different about AminoActiv

Listen as the hosts of the Health, Wellness and Wisdom Show on station WMGG, 1470 am in Tampa interview president Mark Faulkner about how AminoActiv differs from other pain relievers

AminoActiv’s Healthy Healing Advantage

ripe red apple with green leaf isolated on white

With most pain reliever medications, if they don’t work right away, we know that they’re probably never going to work. This is not the case for AminoActiv. This is one of the factors that make AminoActiv a very different—and superior—pain relief option.

AminoActiv is more than a pain reliever. It also actively supports the healing of damaged tissue.

You might ask why a pain reliever need take on any more duties than necessary. The answer is that healing is the means to the end. It’s the key advantage that AminoActiv offers to users who previously resorted to pain relievers such as ibuprofen just to mask pain. [Read more…]

Giveaway! Free Copies of Humorist Superstar Jeanne Robertson’s New DVD

iStock_000014115155Small PRIZESAminoActiv is all geared up for Jeanne Robertson’s 2013 tour! We’ll be sponsoring many of her upcoming shows, including the March 24th show at the Majestic Theatre in Dallas! Can’t make it to Dallas? You can also catch Jeanne in Nashville on May 4th.

To help spread our excitement around, we are giving away Jeanne’s latest DVD, Looking for Humor, to two lucky visitors to this page.

AminoActiv sponsored 21 of Jeanne’s 2012 shows and loved every hilarious minute of it. Why do we sponsor Jeanne Robertson? Because she is truly the best there is—prepare to laugh until it hurts! [Read more…]

AminoActiv Reseller Program Revs Up

Across the country, there is an increasing awareness of the dangerous side effects of ibuprofen and other NSAIDs. This awareness is creating a demand for AminoActiv on the local level. People want to be able to get AminoActiv from their local pharmacy, chiropractor, wellness center, or health food store.

We are asking for a little help and have a reward to offer. When you give us the name of a business that you would like to see as an AminoActiv reseller, you will receive a 15% discount coupon for your next online order. You can click here to go to the business referral page, enter your recommendation, and immediately get a 15% discount coupon when you push the “Submit” button.

For businesses that would like to investigate the reseller opportunity further, we have created a free ebook, How to Expand Your Business with AminoActiv. It explains why this is great time to join the AminoActiv team and provides all the details about how to get started as an authorized reseller. Prospective resellers can get the ebook here. [Read more…]

Introducing AminoActiv’s New Affiliate Marketing Program

AminoActiv has some exciting news! We are launching a new affiliate marketing program. We invite you to help us spread the word about AminoActiv and earn money doing it!

Do you have an online storefront? Web site? Blog? Email newsletter? Would you like to share AminoActiv with your readership? If so, we would like to offer you a commission on any sales you send our way.

Here’s how our affiliate marketing program works:
1. You sign up to participate here.
2. We give you a unique link.
3. You share this link via your online store, web site, blog, or email.
4. Your readers click on your link and visit our site, where they can learn about AminoActiv.
5. If one of these visitors makes an order within 30 days, you receive a commission on that sale. [Read more…]