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What is it?

AminoActiv is a safe, non-toxic analgesic. Users report relief from many types of pain and inflammation caused by both muscular skeletal injury and also chemical damage (oxidative stress). Its efficacy is comparable to that of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) but has none of their negative side effects. Its active ingredients are homeopathic plant extracts, Foeniculum vulgare and Bromeliaceae, along with a molecule called Alpha- GEE or Ethyl-(? -guanido-methyl)ethanoate. Alpha-GEE is a blend of three amino acids that are commonly found both in the body and in nature. Individually these three amino acids do not have anti-inflammatory properties, but when conjugated together using our patented process, they have the same anti-inflammatory, anti-pain effects as the major NSAIDs but without the negative side effects that come with NSAIDs.

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How does it work?

An important thing to note is the fact that AminoActiv acts as an anti-inflammatory without inhibiting or interfering with the cyclooxygenase enzyme or COX pathway the way most NSAIDs do.  AminoActiv treats pain and inflammation by inhibiting prostaglandin release and researchers believe that AminoActiv accomplishes this by stabilizing damaged mitochondrial membranes which creates a natural minimization of the pro-inflammatory events (the cascade of chemical messengers) that otherwise leads to the formation and release of prostaglandins. The amino acids in AminoActiv help support cell function and ATP generation so as to promote recovery.

As with the capsules, the AminoActiv topical cream relieves pain and inflammation in a localized area.

What is Alpha-GEE?

Alpha- GEE is a compound formed by three amino acids that when conjugated as we do have similar anti-pain, anti-inflammatory effects as the major NSAIDs. These three amino acids are found naturally in the body and have been part of the American diet for years…they just haven’t previously been bonded together in this proprietary way and shown this unique characteristic of pain relief. Standard amino acid compounds have been known to have no adverse effects and safety and toxicity studies submitted to the FDA demonstrated that this combination of amino acids maintains those same safe characteristics.

Our studies have even shown that AminoActiv has no known adverse events even in subjects given super-therapeutic doses (30 times the recommended dose).  AminoActiv also has no known drug interactions or addictive properties and would be considered contraindicated only with patients who have known hypersensitivity to its natural plant extract ingredients.  Clinicians treating pregnant women should do so at their own discretion.

What are the dosing recommendations?

Most clinicians will recommend two 400 mg capsules be taken when pain or inflammation is present. If after 30 to 60 minutes, the patient still is in need of relief, two more capsules can be taken without safety concerns.  Typically, a patient will experience relief for anywhere from 4-24 hours. For more intense pain as you may find with some types of arthritis, many patients feel relief from taking two capsules 2-3 times per day complimented with use of the cream on the painful areas.

Another example is the painful condition of plantar fasciitis which has been successfully treated with AminoActiv in as few 7-8 weeks versus the 6 months to two years most patients endure before symptoms are remediated.  With AminoActiv. two capsules twice a day, with AminoActiv cream being applied to the feet morning and evening typically brings about the desired relief.

Please reference our dosing suggestions information for more guidance

Is it FDA approved?

Because AminoActiv is a safe and non-toxic compound, the FDA does not look at it as a pharmaceutical drug and so approval is not applicable, although FDA allowance is required and we submitted all safety and toxicity data for AminoActiv which the FDA acknowledged and accepted.

What are the formulations and packaging sizes?

AminoActiv comes in both capsule and topical cream formulations. Capsules are 400 mg each and come in 60 count bottles. The cream is available in a 2.75 oz jar.

Why are the capsules blue?

AminoActiv is encapsulated in a veggie cap with an organic blue colorant and is acceptable for vegans and vegetarians.

What efficacy studies have been performed?

We have done efficacy and safety toxicity studies through the University of Missouri, University of Nebraska Medical Center and other institutions. Our efficacy was assessed in both volunteer and in vitro studies. In our volunteer studies over several years, no volunteer reported that AminoActiv was less effective than their previous pain medicine of choice. Our in vitro studies determined that AminoActiv retards the release of prostaglandins as effectively as ibuprofen.

What safety studies have been performed?

We have done efficacy and safety studies through the University of Missouri, University of Nebraska Medical Center and other institutions. Historically, the components of AminoActiv have long been a part of the American diet with no adverse health issues. In vitro studies were done using a mouse skeletal cell line where cells were exposed to various concentrations of AminoActiv. Studies showed there were no statistically significant effects on the cell’s viability.

In vivo animal studies showed no significant difference in blood chemistries between the control group and those treated with AminoActiv and subsequent necropsy studies showed no gross lesions, and histopathological examination of tissues such as liver, kidney, and stomach also showed no abnormalities . And finally human in vivo studies of blood and urine chemistries showed no significant changes.

For further inquiries data is on file at our headquarters.

Is it approved for athletics?

AminoActiv will not cause a positive test on any doping control analysis and therefore is safe to use in all major athletic organizations.

What is the meaning of Vireo?

Vireo is a Latin word that is one of several synonyms for health.  It references vigor, vibrancy, and virility.