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Why recommend AminoActiv

Why recommend AminoActiv as the first-line solution

  • AminoActiv is safer than other medications to offer as a first-line defense to patients. Therefore patients have a higher quality of life, no dangerous side effects, and no fear of future organ damage.
  • AminoActiv helps eliminate any worry about interactions with other drugs a patient might be taking
  • AminoActiv may allow patients to go off other drugs being used to combat side effects of their current pain medication (e.g. patients who take a proton pump inhibitor to reduce gastric acid production while taking NSAID’s because of the fear of damaging the stomach lining)
  • AminoActiv avoids all the other toxic side effects of traditional medications (bone recalcification impedence, impaired tenocyte function, increased oxidative stress, etc.)
  • AminoActiv supports ATP production – therefore it supports optimized tissue recovery and repair. Therefore patients may expect shorter recovery times.
  • AminoActiv can be used as a PREVENTIVE – using it prior to exercise helps stave off inflammation and the associated discomfort.
  • AminoActiv works great on contusions – rubbing the topical cream into a damaged area shortly after injury often reduces or eliminates painful bruising.
  • AminoActiv topical cream contains no menthol and no salycilates so it is safer not only for the patient, but also for any therapists who are exposed to pain creams repeatedly during the day via hand applications, massage, or physical therapy.