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Ice Therapy Receiving Cold Reviews


For years, common wisdom has told us to apply ice to injuries and sore muscles. The acronym, RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation), originally coined by Gabe Mirkin, has been a staple of first aid training especially for athletes. With mounting evidence, however, the shift to better therapies for more rapid injury recovery has begun. Dr. Mirkin now warns that ice may do more harm than good.

Here’s a summary of recent scientific findings:

  • Ice can delay healing.
  • Ice can increase swelling, worsening injury.
  • Ice numbs pain, which can give a false sense of health, which may lead to further injury.
  • While muscles are cold, they can be weaker.
  • While muscles are cold, they can be less coordinated.
  • While muscles, ligaments, and tendons are cold, they are less flexible.

Sometimes ice doesn’t even help with pain. One study found that icing torn leg muscles did not aid in pain relief or healing. While ice can sometimes help with reducing swelling, it can hamper blood flow that is vital for healing.

If ice is on the chopping block, and NSAIDs are rife with harmful side effects, what then?

The natural choice is AminoActiv topical cream. AminoActiv is “better than ice.” And for the most powerful relief, users repeatedly report great results when they go the combo route of rubbing in the AminoActiv topical anti-inflammatory cream and taking two 400 mg AminoActiv capsules.

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