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Pain Relief for Accident & Trauma Related Pain-Testimonials

I broke my wrist in Feb. and my activity was very limited. After 7 weeks the doctor said you can do anything you want with it now. The weather was nice and I started my spring chores around the yard. From lack of activity for so long a time, I ended up with extreme back and leg pain. I couldn’t walk was only comfortable sitting. I took 2 tylenol 4’s every four hours for about two weeks and then switched to 2tylenols 500 mg every four hours. Felt it was too much tylenol and switched to 400 mg of ibuprofen 5 times a day. Then went on line to see the side effects of ibuprofen. I saw your documentary on AminoActiv and ordered one bottle of pills and 1 jar of the cream. I was able to replace the 400mg of ibuprofen with two of your capsules 5 times a day and it worked. I also used the cream for the discomfort I was experiencing in my wrist, back and legs. After two weeks of your product, I feel I am 90% better. Am able to walk with comfort and do most everything. I am a 72 year old woman who has been healthy all her life and would like to stay that way.

Barbara Z.
Cheboygan, MI

I have a history of lower back problems that originated after a water-skiing accident over 25 years ago. Since then, I’ve had 4 back surgeries to repair damaged discs. Almost 3 years ago, the pain in my lower back extended to significant pain in my right hip and leg. Over the course of the past 3 years I have taken a combination of pain medications…as much as 2400mg of Ibuprofen daily. I started taking AminoAcitv 9 days ago (so still early in my experience), slowly replacing the Ibuprofen and have already reduced my Ibuprofen intake 6-fold to 400mg daily. During that time, my pain level (or lack thereof) has remained constant. I plan to stop taking Ibuprofen completely over the next two weeks. I know the Ibuprofen has always presented a risk of issues with my stomach and kidneys/liver. AminoActiv is removing that concern and hopefully will continue to allow me to avoid taking Ibuprofen while enjoying a fairly active lifestyle without the back pain I’ve had to deal with in the past. Thanks very much for introducing me to AminoActiv.

Phil M.
Franklin, TN

My husband received a sample of AminoActiv capsules recently. I decided to take them for my own use because I was involved in a car accident. After using the capsules and comparing them to a prescription NSAID (Motrin 800 mg, prescription strength), I received much better results from the AminoActiv. The results I received far exceeded my expectations in relieving of pain without feeling groggy and stomach upset. I didn’t have to worry whether I had eaten before taking AminoActiv but what was necessary with the Motrin.

Suzanne A.
East Providence, RI

While coaching hockey earlier this week a player collided with me and knocked me to the ice. I landed on my hip and the pain was immediate. Throughout the night, the pain worsened to the point where I could barely walk the next day. After applying just one application of AminoActiv the results were astounding. In a mere twelve hours after the initial application, I had regained almost my full range of motion and could easily walk without pain.

Pete N.
Nashville, TN

My wife recently broke her foot, and the doctor prescribed pain killers but she only took them a few days. She and I do not like taking prescription pain killers because of possible harm it might cause. We prefer holistic solutions. So I gave her some of my AminoActiv capsules to try. It relieved her pain and made both of us happy.

Ed K.
Antioch, IL