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Pain Relief for Arthritis-Testimonials

Thank you so much for sending me samples of Amino Activ cream and capsules. They worked so well. It’s amazing how good I felt. I’m afraid I’m getting rheumatoid arthritis like my mother has and ibuprofen was not even working for some of the pain any longer. I hope my success with AminoActiv continues!

Cynthia D.
Lander, WY

AminoActiv is one of the most fantastic things we ever used. My husband was virtually an invalid for weeks. The arthritis pain in his back was horrible. He couldn’t drive, play the piano or ride his motorcycle. Instead of taking a prescribed pain reliever, we ordered AminoActiv after hearing about it on the Dr. Asa radio show. When it arrived in the mail, my husband took two AminoActiv capsules and within 2 hours, he started feeling relief. AminoActiv really gave his life back. Now he is back on that motorcycle and enjoying life again.

Vicki A.
Madisonville, TN

I have severe arthritis in my right hand that affected movement of my thumb and two fingers. My doctor recommended surgery which would require 8-10 weeks of recovery, and I¿d be out of work for all of that time since I am barber. I read about AminoActiv on the internet and decided to give it a try. I took the AminoActiv capsules for several days combined with hot water therapy. The pain went away and I have been able to continue working, and have avoided surgery.

Gerald M.
Greece, NY

This is the first time in my life of 84 years that I am recommending a product! I even went to the Natural Grocer Health Food Store just to tell them about it and ask them to order and carry it for sale. I was doing paperwork when the package arrived. I applied a little of the cream to my (empty arthritic) knees. Went on working, sitting down. Normally when I get up, I cannot walk, have to hold on to furniture and my cane………….This time I got up and walked into the kitchen!!! THEN I asked myself: WHAT happened? This product!

Ruth C.
Fairfax Station, VA

This is the BEST thing ever for my husband’s arthritis in his hands! No pills have proven effective in relieving his pain and stiffness, but the AminoActiv cream is a Godsend!

Karen S.
Weyers Cave, VA

I absolutely love this cream! It works immediately to stop the itch and spread of poison ivy. Also, I have just discovered that it completely removed the pain from my knuckle that kept my finger in a cramped position. I have some friends I would like to try this product based upon my knuckle. The relief I got was phenomenal. I did not know what I was going to do and figured I would just have to try to get to the doctor.

Regina P.
Fairview, TN

AminoActiv has been a Godsend. Because of other medications I must take, I had to discontinue taking Celebrex. Needless to say my arthritis pain increased dramatically. After I started taking AminoActiv, the pain subsided significantly. AminoActiv is at least as effective as, and perhaps more effective than, Celebrex. I take two capsules in the morning and that is all I need for the day. I am a proof positive that AminoActiv is a great product to alleviate pain.

Al M
Brentwood, TN

I want to thank you for the pills that you sent. I appreciate the relief the pills give me with my arthritis. Arthritis is a funny thing, and I never know what triggers increased pain and swelling. But my joints are less painful and swollen since I’ve started taking your product.

Carol F.
Buffalo, NY

I was diagnosed 6 months ago with Rheumatoid Arthritis after a sudden onset of symptoms which left me in debilitating pain. I found your product in cream form and have been using it for only one week. My hands which had been a ring finger size 8 had swollen to a very painful size 11.5! Since I started using your product, I am nearly pain free, and my ring finger is down to a size 9! The constant pain I was in has caused me to use Advil, 4 tablets every 4 to 6 hours for over 6 months! I was diagnosed with an ulcer and possibly gall bladder issues. I can happily report I am weaning myself off them since I have found your cream! I am so grateful for your product! It has saved my life as far as I am concerned! I couldn’t even open a water bottle before finding AA. Thank you so much for your brilliant product.

Martha S.
Wareham, MA

I just wanted to tell you, I took AminoActiv for 6 solid months at 3-4 caps/day. My hand arthritis was fine during this time. I then tapered down over a week’s time and after 3 weeks laying off AminoActiv, my symptoms (pair and soreness) returned, especially in both thumbs. I’m getting more of your product!

Dick S.
Boston, MA

I have RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and got a cream sample from Green Hills pharmacy through a lady who had knee surgery and the pharmacy had suggested she try it — it helped her and so she gave me one of her sample packs and it worked better on my knees than any prescription I have ever been given. I’ve had RA for 10 years.

Jack R.
Nashville, TN

Earlier this week I got some AminoActiv from a local drug store that started carrying it and it already has helped me incredibly! I tried the cream first. Even oral pain meds have not given me this kind of relief. I have to admit I didn’t hold out much hope that a topical could work well but I tried it anyway (I hate taking many of the NSAIDS etc. because bother my stomach). The first day I used the cream I got so much relief I was flabbergasted. I have arthritis, fibromyalgia and other issues. My shoulders were always tight and hard no matter what interventions were used, even good massages. It was the same for muscles in my upper back. I commonly have (had) knots that were palpable. After the FIRST use of the cream, those muscles relaxed and for the first time in probably years, my shoulders hung naturally by the end of the evening. After 5 days, the burning pain has subsided. I also have a lot of joint pain and now if I press on the joints, I can feel a residual soreness but it is not an acute sharp pain that makes me wince. It feels more like an injury that is healing. My fingers are even less swollen. Movement is more free. I find that I can rest deeply now. I believe I am so much more comfortable that pain isn’t disturbing my sleep as much. I am so grateful to have some relief at last. The fact the product is safe and that it promotes instead of blocking healing is almost miraculous. My sister has tried the cream and she has also gotten fabulous results. Thank you for your help and for promoting this product. It is a God send.

Laura U.

I am writing to let you know how grateful I am that your company makes AminoActiv as an alternative to anti-inflammatory medicine. It really works! I have been suffering with arthritis for years and doctors had prescribed Celebrex, Naprosyn, and other meds to try and alleviate my pain and inflammation but the the side effects caused them / me to rethink therapy. I had also tried Ibuprofen and Tylenol (OTC) but knew they each still had side effects.

I admit I was skeptical, especially of your cream. But to my surprise and delight, both the tablets for lasting relief and the cream for more concentrated needs (say, after a game of tennis!) helped me a lot. The tablets even helped to ease the pain after knee replacement surgery. I once tried to stop taking your product, thinking that perhaps because I was feeling good I did not need it anymore. That was wishful thinking, because in short order I found myself again aching all over from the arthritis, which is a fact of life. Thankfully, the AminoActiv is also now a part of life, providing much needed and much appreciated relief from the pain.

God bless

Mary M.
Washington, DC

These are wonderful little pills. My 89 year old mom was not able to use her right hand, which had no strength until she began using AminoActiv. It enabled her to regain full use of her hand. And my husband had arthritis pain in his arm with very little mobility. Now he can raise it over his head with no problem and no pain. It’s amazing.

Doris S.
Navasota, TX

I was diagnosed with arthritis in my lower back. I have mild to moderate intervertebral disc space narrowing L2 and L3, mild to moderate intervertebral disc spacing L5 and S1, and osteophytes L3

AminoActiv is working so well that I ordered 2 more bottles and I going to try the topical cream next.

Carol C.
Oswego, IL