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Pain Relief for Back Pain-Testimonials

Dr. Jeff Allen, DC, reported the following results for one of his patients:

48-year-old man with herniated disc lower back, 8 years under physical therapy, medical injections and pain meds, and chiropractic care. After 3 weeks on AminoActiv–for the first time he has been 100% pain free.

Conyers, GA

As a low back pain sufferer I have tried a number of so-called OTC pain relief medications and all have undesirable side effects such an constipation, and can be harmful to kidney and liver. I was told by my spine doctor that a prescription medication would also cause constipation and possibly unknown side effects.

Recently while researching the Internet for an alternative to those drugs, I discovered AminoActiv and ordered some immediately.

My low back (L5) is now pain free and also my left knee.

I have recommended AminoActiv to all my friends and am telling doctors and chiropractors about it, and have told a veterinary friend about CanineActiv®

Edward S.
Keller, TX

I purchased three bottles of Amino Activ about three months ago. My office manager suffers from back pain, she takes a couple Amino Activ pills and her pain is gone. One of our electricians was in the office on light duty because his back was out, my office manager instructed him to take two of the Amino Activ, about 15 minutes later, he was pain free. Time to order more, I’ll be back next week to place an order.

Jeanie E.
Phoenix, AZ

I took one of your blue pills last night — I was having some bad lower back pain. I was going to take an Advil, but then thought – hmmm, I’ll try this. I have to tell you, it worked really fast – pain relief in probably 20 min. Impressive!

Durham, NC

Your AminoActiv works! Man, my back was dying last night and when I got home, I rubbed a portion of the cream on then went to choir practice and then came back, rubbed more on and took two pills. WOW! What a difference! I am sold on it!

John H.
Nashville, TN

I have been taking AminoActiv for only one week and have seen great results. I take one pill in the morning and one at bedtime. I had not slept through the night in many, many years until now. In the past week, I have slept 5 to 6 hours straight. I will now order the cream to use on my back for chronic back pain which is about 6 to 8 on a scale of 10. I will keep you posted!

Julia R.
Tampa Bay, FL