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Pain Relief for Carpal Tunnel Pain-Testimonials

Just a quick note to say that I love the AminoActiv – my carpal tunnel started feeling better right away!!!

Jill B.
Nashville, TN

I have been suffering with wrist pain from carpal tunnel for about 2 months and was getting ready to play golf recently when the pain was really bad and I was putting on a brace to help support my hand / wrist when a friend gave me some AminoActiv to rub on my wrist. I figured that it couldn’t hurt and so I did — well, I have to tell you, it was astonishing! Within 2-3 minutes my hand felt AWESOME. It was the first time in those 2 months that I could move it without pain. I played the entire round without my brace on and my wrist felt fine! And I was really surprised how fast it worked! Thanks AminoActiv!

Brian D.
Denver, CO