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Pain Relief for General Shoulder Pain-Testimonials

I got some free samples, and my husband was VERY skeptical. He’s been complaining about pain in his shoulder for a while now, so he said “I’ll try them.” A couple of hours later he said “Honey, you’re not going to believe this, but I have no pain.”

Margie S.
Blairsville, GA

I picked up samples of your product at the show in Anaheim last week not thinking I would ever use it. However, this morning I woke with the worst shoulder strain I had ever had. I was going to go to a doctor/therapist or chiropractor, but could not get an appointment. So instead, my wife gave me two of your pills, and within an hour, the pain dissipated. AMAZING!!!

Steve S.
Glenwood Springs, CO

My rotator cuff (my reason for buying AminoActiv) is 99% cured (after 2 years of pain and disability) and that’s the reason you can count me as a permanent customer. If you can figure out which one of your people was at the ExpoWest in Annaheim this past spring handing out samples, tell him THANK YOU!

Mark S.
Taos, NM

I have started using your cream because I am “bone on bone” in my right shoulder and have 60% impingement. I use it prior to bowling now and without it I would be in tears by the middle of the second set and then be miserable all night. I used to take 4 ibuprofens before sleeping on bowling nights. Now, with AminoActiv, I sleep like a lamb and can get through three strings of bowling — I still stink at bowling but at least I am pain free!

Dan O.
Boston, MA