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Pain Relief for Joint Pain-Testimonials

My husband and I are avid runners in multiple 5k, 10k and 15k races. I am training for two half marathons for September and November.

I started taking AminoActiv three days ago and using the cream two days ago. Last night was the first night that I slept without waking up with my knee throbbing and having to take something for pain in MONTHS!! Even with the race on Saturday, my knee was fine. Pain FREE!!

My husband’s knee has been feeling tight lately, and he started using the AminoActiv cream and says that he feels a big difference!

Davelynn A.
Portland, TN

I have a problem with my right hand going to sleep and tingling and aching during the night. It can get so painful that I can’t sleep. A couple of nights ago, I decided to try AminoActiv before going to bed. I had the best night’s sleep that I have had in many months. We are grateful for this discovery. We hope you are very successful in spreading the word about AminoActiv.

Carolyn S.
Cincinnati, OH

I first used the product for the month of November and realized a substantial decrease in muscle and joint pain and was able to replace my dosage of Arthritis Strength Tylenol. I suffer from hip and rotator cuff pain and actually had a hip replacement five years ago. When I heard the glowing reports from friends about your product, I was naturally interested. I have been without product since December 1st and have gone completely downhill. I am full of aches and pains once again and have had to resort to pain killers in order to get thru the day until my next supply of AminoActiv arrives. My sincere thanks for your product.

Susan W.
Delray Beach, FL

Now at 50 years old, I have accepted the fact that no matter what exercise I do, I’m gonna hurt and be sore…my knees especially. But I’m rubbing AminoActiv on my knees now every time I work-out and it’s made a huge difference. The stuff works great.

(Former NFL Tight End)

How can I get A LOT MORE of the AminoActiv cream ? That stuff is magic. Now that my wife and I have moved into the new lakehouse my home gym is up and running…..and I’m rehabbing my bad left hip but there is general soreness when someone of MY ADVANCED AGE (haha) exercises. But invariably, that cream works like magic and the pain is gone in just minutes.

John D.
Boston, MA
(Radio personality)

I am 82 years old and last week I badly strained my ankle while painting in a cramped position in our basement clubroom about noon on Friday, 11/16, and found it very painful to walk. That evening, I massaged some of your cream into the affected area at bedtime and retired. The next morning, Saturday, the pain had subsided but I continued to apply the cream again. Within a matter of hours, the pain was all gone. The ankle has been normal since then! Amazing recovery in my experience with strained ankles!! I credit your salve (I did not take any of your pills) for the quick healing!

William B.
St. Paul, MN

We just tried your product — my husband has terrible knee pain. It has worked wonders already.

Deborah J.
Charlottesville, VA