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Pain Relief for Menstrual Cramps-Testimonials

I have suffered with bad menstrual cramps for years and years. I had always used Nuprin or Midol with moderate success – they would take the edge off but never really worked great (although I am saying that in retrospect because what I thought was relief wasn’t nearly what I think it is now!). I started using AminoActiv each month when they would hit and all I can say is “Oh my! What an improvement!” My relief with AminoActiv is much better than with anything else.

Ashley L.
Atlanta, GA

I have for several years had really severe menstrual cramps every month, causing huge disruptions and discomforts in my everyday life. I have tried to relieve these pains with literally almost anything over the counter as well as attempts with prescription medications such as Naproxen. I have found nothing to alleviate the pain that I feel. I reluctantly decided to try AminoActiv assuming that, like all other pain products that I have tried, I would see no results. However, to my surprise, after only taking two, the pain was gone in less than 20 minutes. I will definitely use this product again and would recommend this to any woman who suffers from severe menstrual pains.

Amanda T.
Greenbriar, TN