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Pain Relief for Peripheral Neuropathy – Testimonials

Hi my name is Ann a.k.a. Dipsy of Dipsy & Doodle. I am 84 years young and on no medications except Vitamins, however I suffer with Periipheral Neuropathy and I’m not a Diabetic. I have been using the AminoActiv cream and taking the capsules religiously for 3 months with great success! I use the cream on my feet at least 2 to 3 times during a 24 hour period. Along with each application of the cream, I take 2-3 capsules depending on how painful it is during the night. Nothing has controlled my symptoms better. Not only are my feet less painful, but the arthritis in my hands has been less painful as well. Because I massage the cream into my feet at least 3-5 minutes each time, my hands are benefiting without having to do anything extra! I love this stuff and I recommend it to everyone! Thanks for a great product! Friend us on

Deb M.
Clearwater, FL