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Pain Relief for Sciatica-Testimonials

I would like to congratulate you on providing a product that does exactly what you say it does. I have to be honest. I thought your claims would be lies, so I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to find that AminoActiv receives my sciatica pain exactly as Ibuprofen does. Well done!

D. Folster
Surrey, BC

I suffered from sciatica for 3 years and tried many pain medications that my doctor prescribed. These were very strong medications, but none of them worked for me. On some days I could not even get out of bed. I was desperate for relief. One day I started searching the internet for a solution. That’s when I found AminoActiv and decided to get it a try.

AminoActiv has been unbelievable. It keeps things totally under control and the pain has totally gone away.

Helen H.
Montgomery, AL