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AminoActiv Overview

AminoActiv® is a unique peptide compound conjugated from various essential and conditionally essential amino acids found in natural sources.  These amino acids do not individually have anti-inflammatory properties but, when synthesized in our Patent-Protected processes, they together form a compound that promotes anti-inflammation response like traditional medication.

The main difference is that AminoActiv accomplishes results without negative side effects such as stomach ulceration (gastro-intestinal bleeding) or toxicity to the kidneys or liver. Also, AminoActiv will not slow down protein synthesis, inhibit COX pathways, or interfere with tenocyte functions — all are key to muscle, bone, tendon, and ligament repair. AminoActiv additionally acts to prevent inflammation from reactive oxygen species (ROS) which cause detrimental effects on tissue.

Safety, toxicity, and necropsy studies were performed at a major university medical center using Alpha-GEE and showed no negative side effects or contraindications even when dosed at super-therapeutic levels (30x  recommended dosage). This data was submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and based on this data showing no apparent toxicity, the FDA allowed the compound to be offered to the OTC (over-the-counter) market and to date, millions of doses have been taken with no reported adverse events.

With its potent, but safe blend of Alpha-GEE and other holistic and natural extracts*, AminoActiv has proven to be an effective, healthy, and safe alternative to many prescription and OTC treatments.

* Foeniculum vulgare extract is derived from the umbelliferous herb which belongs to the Apiaceae family. Bromeliaceae is an extract from the Ananas comosus flowering monocot plant. AminoActiv® is a holistic treatment.