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Shopping Tips for the Vireo Store

Special Offer
There are several money-saving possibilities offered at our online store. When purchasing, consider these 6 opportunities:

  1. Volume discounts
  2. Special offers
  3. Shipping charges
  4. Rewards points
  5. Coupons
  6. Economy size options

If your order totals $100-$149, you’ll receive a 10% discount. Greater discounts are available for larger orders as follows:
$150-$299: 15% discount
$ Greater than $300: 20% discount

Vireo runs special promotions which are shown beside the products in the shopping cart. You can also see a listing of the SPECIAL OFFERS on this page.

If your order is less than $40, there is a shipping charge of $7.00. By adding an extra item so that the order equals or exceeds a $40 order total, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING.

Vireo offers coupons throughout the year for different products. This is way to save 15-25% more on your order. For example, if you refer a prospective retailer to us for AminoActiv®, you’ll receive an immediate 15% discount coupon code. That offer is here.

All customers who register at the Vireo online store are automatically enrolled in a REWARDS program. For every item in the store, you will receive reward points that can be redeemed anytime once you reach a minimum of 50 points.

Some of Vireo products are available in multiple sizes to accommodate users who need to re-purchase the same product on a regular basis, such as once per month. For example, there is a 60 count AminoActiv capsule bottle and a 180 count bottle. The 180 count is about 20% less per capsule.


To show you how these suggestions can be put into action, consider the following example:

A shopper wants to buy AminoActiv.

At the store they see that their dog can have safe pain relief too (with CanineActiv®). And the shopper notices a special offer underway–Buy CanineActiv and get 50% discount off any AminoActiv product.

There are 2 choices for AminoActiv, a 60 ct bottle for $25 and a 180 ct bottle for $60. Because of the special offer and the fact that the 180 ct bottle is 20% less than three 60ct bottles, they select the AminoActiv 180 ct bottle and the transaction looks like this:

CanineActiv Large Breed 90ct capsules $36.00
AminoActiv 180 ct capsule bottle $30.00 ($30 savings due to special offer)

But wait, this customer had been searching for AminoActiv at pharmacies near her home and could not locate a local reseller. She goes to our local retailer page and submits a retailer referral for pharmacy where she’d like to buy AminoActiv in the future. Upon submitting the referral info, the shopper receives an immediate coupon for 15%, and then applies it during checkout at the Vireo store to arrive at her final order total:

CanineActiv Large Breed 90ct capsules $36.00
AminoActiv 180 ct capsule bottle $30.00 ($30 savings due to special offer)
Less 15% discount coupon – $ 9.90

This customer saved $39.90. By getting a 180ct bottle of AminoActiv they saved even more compared to buying 3 bottles of 60ct capsules. Also, they earned Rewards points that can be redeemed for more savings for their next order.

We want you to enjoy Vireo products and receive the best value possible as a long-term customer.

Do you have questions or suggestions about the Vireo store? Let us hear from you by contacting us here.

Remember: Vireo offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all products if you are not satisfied for any reason!