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Sunburn Pain Relief with AminoActiv Topical Cream

SunWaterWhen you have sunburn, you have inflammation of the skin. That signature lobster color is the result of the body’s inflammatory response. UV rays from the sun can damage molecules in the skin. This causes a reaction of different proteins and enzymes and leads to dilation of the cutaneous blood vessels and recruitment of inflammatory cells. We experience this process as red skin and pain.

For safe, non-toxic relief of sunburn pain, reach for AminoActiv topical cream.

Apply a light layer of AminoActiv topical cream on the sunburned area. Let it soak in on its own. (No one wants or needs a “sunburn massage!”) Do not apply if the skin is blistered or broken–if this has happened, seek medical attention.

Because AminoActiv is safe and non-toxic, feel free to apply more cream as needed.

Here’s what Baylee from Nashville said about her discovery of AminoActiv as a sunburn pain reliever:

“I burned my shoulders while at the park. That evening, my friend, who was an AminoActiv user, applied the topical cream to one shoulder as a test. The next morning the pain had gone away totally, while the other shoulder continued to hurt for a couple of days. I’m now a big fan of AminoActiv, and wish I had tested both shoulders that evening with AminoActiv!”

The topical cream does not include menthol and does not stain clothes. It is not a sunscreen, so don’t try to use it as a preventative, but if you do get into sun trouble, it can help you with that miserable pain.

AminoActiv is sort of like the Swiss Army knife of pain relief. You’ll want to keep it on hand because you never know what sorts of opportunities to use it will pop up. Users report relief from arthritis, muscle soreness, back and joint pain, bug bites, and more. The cream comes in several packaging options, including a tube and handy travel packs.

Please avoid overexposure to the sun, but if it happens, try AminoActiv. And let us know how AminoActiv works for you.

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