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I picked up samples of your product at the show in Anaheim last week not thinking I would ever use it.  However, this morning I woke with the worst shoulder strain I had ever had. I was going to go to a doctor/therapist or chiropractor, but could not get an appointment. So instead, my wife gave me two of your pills, and within an hour, the pain dissipated.  AMAZING!!!
Steve S.
Glenwood Springs, CO

My rotator cuff (my reason for buying AminoActiv) is 99% cured (after 2 years of pain and disability) and that’s the reason you can count me as a permanent customer. If you can figure out which one of your people was at the ExpoWest in Annaheim this past spring handing out samples, tell him THANK YOU!
Mark S.
Taos, NM

I have started using your cream because I am “bone on bone” in my right shoulder and have  60% impingement. I use it prior to bowling now and without it I would be in tears by the  middle of the second set and then be miserable all night. I used to take 4 ibuprofens  before sleeping on bowling nights. Now, with AminoActiv, I sleep like a lamb and can get through three strings of bowling — I still stink at bowling but at least I am pain free!
Dan O.
Boston, MA


I first used the product for the month of November and realized a substantial decrease in muscle and joint pain and was able to replace my dosage of Arthritis Strength Tylenol.  I suffer from hip and rotator cuff pain and actually had a hip replacement five years ago. When I heard the glowing reports from friends about your product, I was naturally interested.  I have been without product since December 1st and have gone completely downhill.  I am full of aches and pains once again and have had to resort to pain killers in order to get thru the day until my next supply of AminoActiv arrives. My sincere thanks for your product.
Susan W.
Delray Beach, FL

Now at 50 years old, I have accepted the fact that no matter what exercise I do, I’m gonna hurt and be sore…my knees especially.  But I’m rubbing AminoActiv on my knees now every time I work-out and it’s made a huge difference.  The stuff works great.
(Former NFL Tight End)

How can I get A LOT MORE of the AminoActiv cream ?  That stuff is magic.   Now that my wife and I have moved into the new lakehouse my home gym is up and running…..and I’m rehabbing my bad left hip but there is general soreness when someone of MY ADVANCED AGE (haha) exercises. But invariably, that cream works like magic and the pain is gone in just minutes.

John D.
Boston, MA
(Radio personality)

I am 82 years old and last week I badly strained my ankle while painting in a cramped position in our basement clubroom about noon on Friday, 11/16, and found it very painful to walk. That evening, I massaged some of your cream into the affected area at bedtime and retired. The next morning, Saturday, the pain had subsided but I continued to apply the cream again. Within a matter of hours, the pain was all gone.  The ankle has been normal since then! Amazing recovery in my experience with strained ankles!! I credit your salve (I did not take any of your pills) for the quick healing!
William B.
St. Paul, MN

We just tried your product — my husband has terrible knee pain. It has worked wonders already.
Deborah J.
Charlottesville, VA


I have a history of lower back problems that originated after a water-skiing accident over 25 years ago.  Since then, I’ve had 4 back surgeries to repair damaged discs.  Almost 3 years ago, the pain in my lower back extended to significant pain in my right hip and leg.  Over the course of the past 3 years I have taken a combination of pain medications…as much as 2400mg of Ibuprofen daily.  I started taking AminoAcitv 9 days ago (so still early in my experience), slowly replacing the Ibuprofen and have already reduced my Ibuprofen intake 6-fold to 400mg daily.  During that time, my pain level (or lack thereof) has remained constant.  I plan to stop taking Ibuprofen completely over the next two weeks.  I know the Ibuprofen has always presented a risk of issues with my stomach and kidneys/liver.  AminoActiv is removing that concern and hopefully will continue to allow me to avoid taking Ibuprofen while enjoying a fairly active lifestyle without the back pain I’ve had to deal with in the past.  Thanks very much for introducing me to AminoActiv.
Phil M.
Franklin, TN

My husband received a sample of AminoActiv capsules recently.  I decided to take them for my own  use because I was involved in a car accident.  After using the capsules and comparing them to a prescription NSAID (Motrin 800 mg, prescription strength), I received much better results from the AminoActiv.   The results I received far exceeded my expectations in relieving of pain without feeling groggy and stomach upset.  I didn’t have to worry whether I had eaten before taking AminoActiv but what was necessary with the Motrin.
Suzanne A.
East Providence, RI

While coaching hockey earlier this week a player collided with me and knocked me to the ice.  I landed on my hip and the pain was immediate.  Throughout the night, the pain worsened to the point where I could barely walk the next day.  After applying just one application of AminoActiv the results were astounding.  In a mere twelve hours after the initial application, I had regained almost my full range of motion and could easily walk without pain.
Pete N.
Nashville, TN


I took one of your blue pills last night — I was having some bad lower back pain.   I was going to take an Advil, but then thought – hmmm, I’ll try this.  I have to tell you, it worked really fast – pain relief in probably 20 min.  Impressive!
Durham, NC

Your AminoActiv works!  Man, my back was dying last night and when I got home, I rubbed a portion of the cream on then went to choir practice and then came back, rubbed more on and took two pills.  WOW!  What a difference! I am sold on it
John H.
Nashville, TN

I have been taking AminoActiv for only one week and have seen great results.  I take one pill in the morning and one at bedtime.  I had not slept through the night in many, many years until now.  In the past week, I have slept 5 to 6 hours straight.  I will now order the cream to use on my back for chronic back pain which is about 6 to 8 on a scale of 10.  I will keep you posted!
Julia R.
Tampa Bay, FL


AminoActiv has been a Godsend. Because of other medications I must take, I had to discontinue taking Celebrex. Needless to say my arthritis pain increased dramatically. After I started taking AminoActiv, the pain subsided significantly.  AminoActiv is at least as effective as, and perhaps more effective than, Celebrex. I take two capsules in the morning and that is all I need for the day. I am a proof positive that AminoActiv is a great product to alleviate pain.
Al McCree – Brentwood, TN

I want to thank you for the pills that you sent. I appreciate the relief the pills give me with my arthritis.  Arthritis is a funny thing, and I never know what triggers increased pain and swelling.  But my joints are less painful and swollen since I’ve started taking your product.
Carol F.
Buffalo, NY

I was diagnosed 6 months ago with Rheumatoid Arthritis after a sudden onset of symptoms which left me in debilitating pain. I found your product in cream form and have been using it for only one week.  My hands which had been a ring finger size 8 had swollen to a very painful size 11.5! Since I started using your product, I am nearly pain free, and my ring finger is down to a size 9! The constant pain I was in has caused me to use Advil, 4 tablets every 4 to 6 hours for over 6 months! I was diagnosed with an ulcer and possibly gall bladder issues. I can happily report I am weaning myself off them since I have found your cream! I am so grateful for your product! It has saved my life as far as I am concerned!  I couldn’t even open a water bottle before finding AA. Thank you so much for your brilliant product.
Martha S.
Wareham, MA

I just wanted to tell you, I took AminoActiv for 6 solid months at 3-4 caps/day.  My hand arthritis was fine during this time.  I then tapered down over a week’s time and after 3 weeks laying off AminoActiv, my symptoms (pair and soreness) returned, especially in both thumbs.  I’m getting more of your product!
Dick S.
Boston, MA

I have RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and got a cream sample from Green Hills pharmacy through a lady who had knee surgery and the pharmacy had suggested she try it  — it helped her and so she gave me one of her sample packs and it worked better on my knees than any prescription I have ever been given.  I’ve had RA for 10 years.
Jack R.
Nashville, TN

Earlier this week I got some AminoActiv from a local drug store that started carrying it and it already has helped me incredibly!  I tried the cream first.  Even oral pain meds have not given me this kind of relief.  I have to admit I didn’t hold out much hope that a topical could work well but I tried it anyway (I hate taking many of the NSAIDS etc. because bother my stomach).  The first day I used the cream I got so much relief I was flabbergasted.  I have arthritis, fibromyalgia and other issues.  My shoulders were always tight and hard no matter what interventions were used, even good massages. It was the same for muscles in my upper back.  I commonly have (had) knots that were palpable.  After the FIRST use of the cream, those muscles relaxed and for the first time in probably years, my shoulders hung naturally by the end of the evening.  After 5 days, the burning pain has subsided.  I also have a lot of joint pain and now if I press on the joints, I can feel a residual soreness but it is not an acute sharp pain that makes me wince.  It feels more like an injury that is healing. My fingers are even less swollen. Movement is more free. I find that I can rest deeply now.  I believe I am so much more comfortable that pain isn’t disturbing my sleep as much. I am so grateful to have some relief at last.  The fact the product is safe and that it promotes instead of blocking healing is almost miraculous.  My sister has tried the cream and she has also gotten fabulous results.  Thank you for your help and for promoting this product.  It is a God send.
Laura U.

I am writing to let you know how grateful I am that your company makes AminoActiv as an alternative to anti-inflammatory medicine. It really works! I have been suffering with arthritis for years and doctors had prescribed Celebrex, Naprosyn, and other meds to try and alleviate my pain and inflammation but the the side effects caused them / me to rethink therapy. I had also tried Ibuprofen and Tylenol (OTC) but knew they each still had side effects.

I admit I was skeptical, especially of your cream. But to my surprise and delight, both the tablets for lasting relief and the cream for more concentrated needs (say, after a game of tennis!) helped me a lot. The tablets even helped to ease the pain after knee replacement surgery. I once tried to stop taking your product, thinking that perhaps because I was feeling good I did not need it anymore. That was wishful thinking, because in short order I found myself again aching all over from the arthritis, which is a fact of life. Thankfully, the AminoActiv is also now a part of life, providing much needed and much appreciated relief from the pain.
God bless,
Mary M.
Washington, DC

These are wonderful little pills. My 89 year old mom was not able to use her right hand, which had no strength until she began using AminoActiv. It enabled her to regain full use of her hand. And my husband had arthritis pain in his arm with very little mobility. Now he can raise it over his head with no problem and no pain. It’s amazing.

Doris S.
Navasota, TX

I was diagnosed with arthritis in my lower back. I have mild to moderate intervertebral disc space narrowing L2 and L3, mild to moderate intervertebral disc spacing L5 and S1, and osteophytes L3

AminoActiv is working so well that I ordered 2 more bottles and I going to try the topical cream next.

Carol C.
Oswego, IL


I have suffered with bad menstrual cramps for years and years. I had always used Nuprin or Midol with moderate success – they would take the edge off but never really worked great (although I am saying that in retrospect because what I thought was relief wasn’t nearly what I think it is now!). I started using AminoActiv each month when they would hit and all I can say is “Oh my! What an improvement!” My relief with AminoActiv is much better than with anything else.
Ashley L.
Atlanta, GA

I have for several years had really severe menstrual cramps every month, causing huge disruptions and discomforts in my everyday life. I have tried to relieve these pains with literally almost anything over the counter as well as attempts with prescription medications such as Naproxen. I have found nothing to alleviate the pain that I feel. I reluctantly decided to try AminoActiv assuming that, like all other pain products that I have tried, I would see no results. However, to my surprise, after only taking two, the pain was gone in less than 20 minutes. I will definitely use this product again and would recommend this to any woman who suffers from severe menstrual pains.
Amanda T.
Greenbriar, TN


Since a major surgery 2 years ago, I have had significant pain in my neck and nothing relieved it. AminoActiv has markedly improved both the pain and mobility — I’m a believer!
Patrick K.
Hermitage, TN

I have had two major surgeries on my right ankle  — one about five or six years ago in which they removed all of the cartilage, the other this past May to eliminate and reattach a tendon and reposition the bone in my heel. Following the most recent surgery, rehab — which included intense physical therapy — has been slow. A friend gave me AminoActiv cream to apply to my ankle and it’s been great. Within 10-15 minutes of the first application my ankle had more flexiblity. This has allowed me to exercise the ankle more vigorously and I am continuing to progress and use the product daily.
I don’t know what this stuff is, but I recommend anyone with joint or muscle problems to give it a try.
Gary C.
Nashville, TN


Here comes an unsolicited testimonial.  The AminoActiv has proven waaaaay more effective than I could have ever hoped or dreamed.  Thanks to 3 a day, I have been able to come off a total of FOUR different pain/anti-spasm medicines.  Praise God.   Thanks for your porduct!
Mary P. M.
Knoxville, TN

I am a physician and can report a personal trial of AminoActiv (N=1) with a positive outcome. About 10 days ago, I had an impacted wisdom tooth extracted. The procedure went fine, but I have had significant post-op pain, swelling, etc., not relieved much by ASA (aspirin) and only moderately relieved by ibuprofen 200-400 mg per dose. I also started developing a significant ache near the
extraction site. Figuring I had little to lose, I tried 2 of the sample tabs. About 45 minutes later, I could feel a definite effect; by 1 hour, 15 minutes, the pain was 98% gone, which was at least as effective as the ibuprofen (and without the GI effects). So, with no placebo control, non-randomized, N=1, anecdotal information, I can say it works well for me!
Ron P., M.D.
Palm Springs, CA

I am the mother of 3 autistic children and my daughter, Faith (4 years old) has had a horribly distended belly for the last 3 years. I started having her take one capsule a day and within a week her stomach started going down.  And I’m talking a significant reduction!  I have been doing nothing else different in her diet or routine so I am pleased to see it seems to be helping. I know this is outside of your normal uses but it may be a help in the autism world.
Wyndie M.
Charleston, SC


I ran the Badwater marathon in Death Valley recently and had a massage therapist “rub me down” pre-race with the AminoActiv cream, all over my legs. And I used the pills religiously every four hours for the entire 35:47:42 race and then got another “rub-down” post race within an hour. I had no issues whatsoever with pain, etc!  I definitely attribute that to my AminoActiv! I am positive that is what helped me take 14th place out of the 82 racers.  I was SO happy with those results considering I am over 50 now.  Thanks!!!
Marie B.
(Elite Ultra-Marathoner)

I am a speed and strength coach working with top athletes around the nation. I need keep the athletes I work with at peak performance levels. I found your product and can attest that it is one of the best anti-inflammatory products available. While inflammation and soreness of the joints and muscles are common among athletes who train hard (and even casual fitness enthusiasts), I know that commonly used ibuprofen and other nsaid products are not the best thing for them due to toxicity, stomach irritation, and organ damage. I can say first hand that the topical cream works almost instantly and I recommend it to the athletes I train.
Rick S.
New York

My good friend, D. Brewer, beat the heck out of me in racquetball last night (worse than usual). He attributed his mobility and lack of stiffness to some blue pills he got from you folks. Please either don’t sell him any more or maybe you could give a bottle to me. Haha. Thanks.
Mark B.
Nashville, TN

I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know my wife has been putting me through a bootcamp workout program. I have never been so sore in my life! I started using AA and it has REALLY helped!
Casey L.
Omaha, NE

I have been using AminoActiv for two weeks now and all I can say is WOW. As a person who has lifted weights for over 25 years and always gone heavy with the weights, I have experienced pain in both my shoulders to the point they keep me from getting a good night sleep. With AA (which I take twice a day, morning and night), I can now sleep with no pain and have gone back to lifting heavier than I have in years.  Thank you for a terrific product.
G. W.
Long Island, NY

My kidney doctor told me to cut out all ibuprofen because I am a diabetic.  In searching for safe alternatives, I found AminoActiv through a friend. When I work out at the gym, I need something for aches and pains. AminoActiv works just as good as or better than the Advils I had been taking and it’s safe for the kidneys.

Brian H.
Atlanta, GA


Just a quick note to say that I love the AminoActiv – my carpel tunnel started feeling better right away!!!
Jill B.
Nashville, TN

I have been suffering with wrist pain from carpel tunnel for about 2 months and was getting ready to play golf recently when the pain was really bad and I was putting on a brace to help support my hand / wrist when a friend gave me some AminoActiv to rub on my wrist. I figured that it couldn’t hurt and so I did — well, I have to tell you, it was astonishing! Within 2-3 minutes my hand felt AWESOME. It was the first time in those 2 months that I could move it without pain. I played the entire round without my brace on and my wrist felt fine! And I was really surprised how fast it worked! Thanks AminoActiv!
Brian D.
Denver, CO


My wife has tried numerous drugs with no relief for her fibromyalgia. She is using AA now and getting great relief! Not “total” but it makes the condition very manageable and without medication side-effects.

Also, I have spinal stenosis (L-3-4-5 are herniated), spurring, arthritis, and constant pain. I tried 4 of the AminoActiv capsules (2 am- 2pm) and applied the cream that night. Friday morning I rolled out of bed with no pain for the first time in years. I’ve started training again. I have followed the same above protocol with only a little muscle soreness. I have tried dozens of anti-inflammatory/pain relief formulations for the last 25 years and NOTHING has given the type of relief that AminoActiv has. Thank you for the development of AminoActiv!
Michael H.

I just wanted to let you know that I love AminoActiv. I have Lupus and it is attacking my muscles. When all the pain meds the doctors give me don’t work, AminoActiv does. I am grateful for getting the chance to use this wonderful product. My husband has a bad back and I just used the AA cream on his back the other night and he was amazed at how well it worked. Thanks for a great product.
Cynthia B.

My name is Linda F. and I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for over 10 years and have tried everything from Lyrica to herbal remedies to acupuncture with little or no success. I was introduced to AminoActiv by a man I know who is a doctor at the Nebraska Medical Center and nothing has controlled my symptoms better. I take the capsules daily and am able to work and live fairly normally; and then I use the cream on my “hot spots” as needed, with great success. Another lady I know with Fibromyalgia tried AminoActiv and it did not work the same for her, but for me, it has been a wonderful treatment for an awful condition. It hasn’t cured me but it allows me to “live” and work. THANKS!
Linda F.
Omaha, NE

(NOTE: AminoActiv has proven to be a dramatically effective treatment to assuage the symptoms of some Fibromyalgia cases.  However, for reasons that research has not yet determined, about 30% of patients with this condition do not seem to experience significant relief.  We hope AminoActiv helps, but if it does not work for you, just return the unused portion for a full refund.)


I got a bad case of Plantar Fasciitis and the doctor told me there was really no good treatment for this condition other than orthotics, comfortable shoes, rest, rolling my foot on a can, and ice. He said the average case took 6 months to 2 years to go away. I had heard about AminoActiv and was hurting bad enough that I decided to try it. I used the capsules and cream morning and night and my pain was gone in 7 weeks. My doc was amazed when I told him I was all better.
William B.
St. Paul, MN

I have been suffering with plantar fasciitis for over 3 years and AminoActiv has finally brought me relief. Great product.
Tammie B.


I am a new customer. I took 2 tablets when I had a migraine headache yesterday, then took 2 more 30 minutes later. My headache disappeared within an hour. I still felt tired from the headache, but not drugged as I usually do with migraine meds. And my shoulder doesn’t hurt either… (I strained it earlier in the week mowing grass). This is great stuff!
Janet M.
Lincolnton, NC

I know you said that you haven’t done any studies on headache relief and so couldn’t / wouldn’t make any claims about it, but I just wanted to let you know that I took 2 of your capsules and in about 20 minutes, my headache was gone. Just FYI! I like using them since anything else available in the way of OTC pain relievers has toxic side effects.
Gred T.
Nashville, TN

I get pretty bad migraines on occasion and cannot function well, with or without the Rx medications my doctor has given me. I took some AminoActiv recently for a migraine and although it didn’t take all the pain away, it lessened it enough that I could function and I wasn’t groggy from the meds.
Shelley G.
Huntsville, AL

Just wanted to let you know that I had a BAD headache and took 2 of your capsules but they didn’t seem to work so I took 2 more since I understand they are non-toxic and safe (I figured “can’t hurt!”) and after I took those 4 capsules, I felt better in about 20 or 25 minutes.
Jason W.
Franklin, TN

(Topical Cream use)

I got into some poison ivy recently and didn’t have any anti-itch medication on hand and it was torturing me.  My scratching was starting to make it worse and extremely inflamed.  Desperate for something that would give any measure of relief, I applied some of your AminoActiv cream and was wonderfully surprised when, within minutes, the itch was subdued and the inflammation was going down.  Wow.  I had previously used it for sore muscles with success, but now will use it for more.  My Mom even used it on chigger bites and it did the trick!  Thanks, I just wanted you to know I think you have a great product.
Joe P.
Bellevue, TN

Thought you’d like to hear this testimony – “thank god” for the AA cream!
Odd thing happened to me driving home Friday evening. I felt something on my wrist and looked down to see this huge yellow jacket wasp crawling on the inside of my arm.  Before I could react, it started biting and stinging the hell out of my arm and had done a number on me before I whacked it. Within one minute, the area swelled up about the size of a quarter and hurt like HECK. I happened to have some AminoActiv cream in the car from having used it at the gym and I gooped some on it. Within minutes, the swelling and pain was gone and after a couple of more light applications over the next couple hours, there was no evidence of the incident. I had heard the magic cream was wonderful stuff for insect bites and itch but boy, I am sure convinced now. I don’t know if you ever got nailed with one of those but zowwie and the sting can almost paralyze your arm for a long time with a lot of pain, not good. Anyway, the cream definitely works for inflammation from bug bites and to stop pain, swelling and itch!

I have had a mild case of psoriasis for years that flares up every now and then. I just wanted to tell you that your AminoActiv cream works as well as anything for controlling my symptoms. I like it compared to other products / drugs I’ve tried.
Dave P.
Franklin, TN

I was on a flight with my 8 year old daughter who always gets nervous when we fly and the turbulence was a bit much as the plane took off. Her iPad had to be turned off and she was left to stew about the flight and started getting hives and itching after just a few minutes. She started complaining and scratching and was on the verge of tears with big welts coming up on her neck and shoulders and abdomen. I started to pull out some Benadryl to calm her down and minimize the hives when the guy next to me said I should try this sample pack of AminoActiv cream that he had in his briefcase. He said it was safe and that if it didn’t work I could always just then use the Benadryl. I was a bit skeptical but since it said it was safe and non-toxic I thought “what the heck” and put some on her hive-spots. A couple minutes later, although the turbulence was still occurring, I noticed she was not complaining or itching anymore and checked her abdomen and neck – NOTHING THERE! All welts and redness were gone. Amazing. I asked how she felt and she absebt-mindedly said “Fine” and went back to untangling her iPad cords. I’ll get some and try it for other things!
Chicago, IL


I just wanted to let you know that my mother was using your AminoActiv cream on her legs for soreness and pain after walking and gardening and she noticed that her long-time varicose veins started going away. She kept using it on her legs and now her vein problem is almost completely gone. Interesting and wonderful.
Jonathon V.
Omaha, NE


I was golfing recently for the first time this Spring and haven’t had any sun on my arms all winter. I forgot to apply sunscreen because the weather was quite mild/cool although the sun was bright. Anyway, after 5 hours I ended up fried and that night I was hurting and it was quite red. I used your AminoActiv cream on it and must say, the burn/pain subsided very quickly and I awoke this morning to see the red was very faded and almost all better. I would have expected to be hurting and red for a few days so that was nice.
Daniel S.
Phoenix, AZ


I have what the doctors term a “mild case of MS.” With my wife’s encouragement we apply the AminoActiv to the back of my neck and shoulders. If I apply the AminoActiv two to three times a day I have fewer events and they are considerably less painful than if I don’t. Just to see if there may be a correlation I stopped using the AminoActiv for one day and I found the results to be interesting. While using AminoActiv I would have one event with significantly reduced pain in the space of 36 hrs. When I stopped using it I had 7 events in 12 hrs, still with reduced pain. I am now back to using AminoActiv and don’t feel like the events are about to happen and have had none in 12 hours.

Ben L.
Nashville, OH