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Pain Relief for Bug Bites & Poison Ivy / Winter Itch / Hives / Erythem / Pruritus / Psoriasis (Topical Cream use)- Testimonials

I got into some poison ivy recently and didn’t have any anti-itch medication on hand and it was torturing me. My scratching was starting to make it worse and extremely inflamed. Desperate for something that would give any measure of relief, I applied some of your AminoActiv cream and was wonderfully surprised when, within minutes, the itch was subdued and the inflammation was going down. Wow. I had previously used it for sore muscles with success, but now will use it for more. My Mom even used it on chigger bites and it did the trick! Thanks, I just wanted you to know I think you have a great product.

Joe P.
Bellevue, TN

Thought you’d like to hear this testimony – “thank god” for the AA cream!
Odd thing happened to me driving home Friday evening. I felt something on my wrist and looked down to see this huge yellow jacket wasp crawling on the inside of my arm. Before I could react, it started biting and stinging the hell out of my arm and had done a number on me before I whacked it. Within one minute, the area swelled up about the size of a quarter and hurt like HECK. I happened to have some AminoActiv cream in the car from having used it at the gym and I gooped some on it. Within minutes, the swelling and pain was gone and after a couple of more light applications over the next couple hours, there was no evidence of the incident. I had heard the magic cream was wonderful stuff for insect bites and itch but boy, I am sure convinced now. I don’t know if you ever got nailed with one of those but zowwie and the sting can almost paralyze your arm for a long time with a lot of pain, not good. Anyway, the cream definitely works for inflammation from bug bites and to stop pain, swelling and itch!

I have had a mild case of psoriasis for years that flares up every now and then. I just wanted to tell you that your AminoActiv cream works as well as anything for controlling my symptoms. I like it compared to other products / drugs I’ve tried.

Dave P.
Franklin, TN

I was on a flight with my 8 year old daughter who always gets nervous when we fly and the turbulence was a bit much as the plane took off. Her iPad had to be turned off and she was left to stew about the flight and started getting hives and itching after just a few minutes. She started complaining and scratching and was on the verge of tears with big welts coming up on her neck and shoulders and abdomen. I started to pull out some Benadryl to calm her down and minimize the hives when the guy next to me said I should try this sample pack of AminoActiv cream that he had in his briefcase. He said it was safe and that if it didn’t work I could always just then use the Benadryl. I was a bit skeptical but since it said it was safe and non-toxic I thought “what the heck” and put some on her hive-spots. A couple minutes later, although the turbulence was still occurring, I noticed she was not complaining or itching anymore and checked her abdomen and neck – NOTHING THERE! All welts and redness were gone. Amazing. I asked how she felt and she absebt-mindedly said “Fine” and went back to untangling her iPad cords. I’ll get some and try it for other things!

Chicago, IL